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iSafeSend enables you to securely share sensitive information through a one-time use link.

Enter the number of days that SafeSend should make your information available for. Note: The link to your data is still only valid for a single view.

Generate multiple links to give to different people.

About iSafeSend

Use iSafeSend to encrypt and safely send sensitive information via email. iSafeSend generates a unique one-time use link to your sensitive or confidential information.
This unique link is accessible for a limited time and once it has been accessed or reaches its expiry date, it is deleted and can no longer be accessed. iSafeSend allows you to send multiple unique links in separate emails for the same confidential information.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q. What is iSafeSend?
A. iSafeSend an easy and secure way to share sensitive data.

Q. How does iSafeSend work?
A. . iSafeSend enables users to create shareable links that when clicked, give recipients access to the sensitive data that you are sharing. This data can only be viewed once, and after being viewed, it is deleted. Since these links can only be viewed once, recipients should not forward the links to other people.

Q. How do I use iSafeSend?
A. Visit and enter the text you wish to share. Specify the number of days until the links expire and select the number of links you wish to generate. Remember, each generated link can only be viewed once. If you are sharing information with multiple people, each person needs to receive their own unique link.
Avoid sending username and password in the same SafeSend link, and never send username, password, and URL in the same link. If someone manages to access your iSafeSend link, or some other internet vulnerability allows them to see the data, you would not want them to have all the information they need to access a system in one message. If the information is broken up into multiple messages and multiple transmission methods, an attacker would have a very difficult time getting what they need to access a system.

Q. Is iSafeSend safe?
A. Nothing on the internet is really safe. Even the most secure applications and sites are vulnerable to all sorts of potential security threats. There are steps you can take to mitigate the risk and using iSafeSend is one of those steps. All data is encrypted and as soon as the shared text is viewed, the data is permanently deleted.

Q. If it’s not safe, why use it?
A. If you use it properly, iSafeSend dramatically improves the safety and security of sending sensitive information. Too many people send usernames and passwords via e-mail or other plain-text methods. It would not take much effort for an attacker to find that information if they gained access to your e-mail, Office365 account, Google account, etc. By encrypting the data, allowing people to only see it a single time, and putting an expiry date on it, iSafeSend gives you much more control over who can see the data and for how long. You can also determine if an unauthorized party has viewed the information - if you attempt to view it and the link is not valid, that would it’s already been viewed (or has possibly expired).

Q. What happens if someone intercepts the iSafeSend link and views the data before the intended recipient?
A. If the recipient of an iSafeSend link is unable to view the encrypted data because it has already been accessed, you will know that there is a security breach. Immediate action can then be taken to mitigate risk.

Q. What does iSafeSend cost?
A. iSafeSend is free whether you're using it for personal or for business use. Enjoy the service and share it with your friends and colleagues

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Add iSafeSend to Microsoft Outlook

iSafeSend is available as a Microsoft Outlook add-in. Simplify the sending of secure messages with the click of a button. The Microsoft Outlook add-in is available free-of-charge to current partners and customers.